Bahrain National Dialogue

About the National Dialogue

The National Consensus Dialogue comes as a royal initiative by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa AlKahalifa.The dialogue aims at bringing together the various segments of the Bahraini society. His Majesty the King called for the start of the National Dialogue in 2011, in order to present people’s views and demands for further reform in the country without any preconditions and with the aim of reaching consensus between all participants.

The National Dialogue that took place in July 2011 was chaired by the speaker of the House of Representatives Kahlifa bin Ahmed Al Dhahrani. Today, discussions are carried on in political topics under the Chairmanship of HE Sh. Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs. Resuming the National Dialogue that was held in July 2011, several political parties will continue discussing political topics to achieve more consensuses.


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