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TOPIC: Nationality

Nationality 3 years, 5 months ago #1

Best wishes for a successfull National 'Dialgue.
My concern is about granting citizenship.

If you look at any Europian coutries, US, England, Canada, Australia, all those governments are giving Nationality to a permenanat resident if he or she resides over there for a period of more than 5 years. Some are giving some exemptions like not allowed to participate in elections but they can get benefits of all other rights same as a normal citizen. But here in Bahrain (GCC also) , if a person resided even more than 15 or 20 years also not granting a citizenship. This is one side of the story. But on the other side granting nationlaity to any person who is an arab origin even if he came very recently to Bahrain. My concern is that how the government know what is the capability of that person and what he contributed for the progress of his own mother country...? Also how we knows his social back ground if he did any criminal acts or not. in his past..? Just taking a police clearnce certificate is not a token for such process. The authorities should study a persons capability, his education, his career back ground and what he can contribute to this great nation in future before granting a citizenship.

I am writing this because, here there are lot of Highly qualified professionals like doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Technicians , Arts and crfts professinals residing here for more than 15 - 20- 25 years but still only dreaming about a natinality. A human beings life span is around 60 years. Finally he shfits to his mother country with no choice and the sad end is that, there he/she will live like a stranger because be lost his relations which he developed here in Bahrain. So if a person resides here for over 20 years here in Bahrain means he spend one third of his life time here already. His/ her emotional attahment and relations grown up here and routed to this land than his/ her mother coutnry. The authorites must study this matter to how to make use of such people for the benefit of this great nation by using his professional skills or interpersonal skills for the benfit of this country and next generations. In retun, they can enjoy the rest of his/her life here by settiling here peacefully till the end of their life.

We are not asking to grant citizenship to those who all apply. If an expatriate who worked here more than 10 years and if he/she posses good education, technical skills, experience in his profession, contirubted something for this country, then such particular cases should be considered for the welfare and benefits of both parties (Government and applicant).

Requesting the authorites to study the matter with a positive out look.

May Allah belss this country, the government and its people
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Re: Nationality 3 years, 5 months ago #2

This is true...Immigration Authorities have to make sure they grant the Citizenship to all the applicants who have comleted 25 years. I have some friends who have not completed 25 years but already got the Citizenship...Please improve the system.

Allah Bless the Royal Family!!!
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Re: Nationality 3 years, 5 months ago #3

There HAS to be a very clear and transparent system to grant the Citizenship.
It is either the "eligible" people get it, on no one gets it.

The unfairness in granting the citizenship has got us to where we are today. It has to be controlled and conditions and prerequisites have to be fulfilled before the Nationality is given.
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Re: Nationality 3 years, 4 months ago #4

Totally agree , a clear and transparent eligibility criteria and system for applying for the Nationality would be very beneficial and widely more accepted by the citizens and the expats alike.
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Re: Nationality 3 years, 4 months ago #5

Totally agree with that

Allah bless Kingdom of Bahrain , the Royal family and its people who love this country
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Re: Nationality 3 years, 4 months ago #6

I am a naturalized Citizen, By the grace of Almighty I was granted Nationality 6 yrs ago. Along with my younger son. I thank HH Shk Hamad for letting me be apart of this lovely country, Which has been home to me for 35 yrs. I have three grown up Sons, All born and living in bahrain.

I have some reservations about the Nationally criteria, As rightly pointed by greentulips That the criteria is vague.

In my case My wife and two elder chilren are still waiting for Nationality to be granted even though they were included in the original Application in 2001. WE have been asked to submit papers several times over the last 6 yrs but of no avail. It is very difficult for the Children as they grow up every year we have to run around to get their residence which is also not easy. Because if the parents are given Citizenship
the where will the children go.

The authorities should look into this matter and finalize a law which will help these issues. I have some suggestions which can be discussed in this National Dialouge, Which I am sure will benifit hundreds of families and request the Noble Leadership to ease our problems concerning Citizenship of our grown up Children.

1. When giving Nationally to families who have fulfilled all the criteria. The whole family should be included not part by part.

2. Children born in Bahrain should be granted Citizenship automaticly if the parents are given Citozenship.

3. If the authorities want the to grant Citiizenship to children born in Bahrain and are over 18, Then they should not need any to produce school certificate or Jobs, The father should be allowed to Sponsor the Children till they get Citizenship.

I hope the above points will be given serious thought by the Leadership. I pray Allah give long life & prosperity to the Royal Family and to the people of our beloved Bahrain.

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Re: Nationality 3 years, 4 months ago #7

Dear HE Mr. Khalifa Bin Ahmed Al Dhahrani,

Assalam Alikum wa Rehmatullah wa barakat ahu.
I am living in this beautiful Kingdom for the past 47 years. I applied for Bahraini citizenship on 25th March 2001 and have been interviewed five times since. Last interview was held on 5th July 2006. I have not heard anything since then from the immigration authorities.
My father arrived here in 1948 and passed away here, I am born here, my children were born here...this is my country…we are strangers in the country of our origin. I have invested all my earnings here in Bahrain in my business and property.

Will we ever receive our citizenship or shall I also pass away as my father did just living in hope? Will the citizenship ever be granted? These are the common questions a lot of people ask who are also into similar situation as I.
A serious overhaul needs to be done to the entire process of granting citizenship to streamline it to the international standards.

I write to you Sir, with a sincere hope that the above mentioned will be given serious thought during the National Dialogue process and by the Leadership. I pray to Allah Almighty to grant long life & prosperity to our beloved Royal Family and to the people and bless our beautiful Kingdom of Bahrain.

All our Best wishes for a successful National Dialogue.
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Re: Nationality 3 years, 4 months ago #8

Hi Mr. Arif,
Thanks for supporting my concern about citizenship.
your problem is a genuine case and I believe there are hundreds of families facing similar issues.
Let us hope that the authority will study this issue based on our comments and suggestions.
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Re: Nationality 3 years, 4 months ago #9

Dear All,

I agree with most of your since i suffer through the same problem. I was born in this country and i am 26 years old. My parents were given citizenship 6 years back. Since that time till now all what i heard from the immigration staff is they don't have the orders or wait they will call you. But guess what that call never came till now.

My question is if a person spends his entire life down here isn't he eligible to called a local citizen. There should be a proper law for the people who have spend almost their entire life down here. It's my family's 3rd generation here and all im expecting is still to get naturalized.

All what i can expect from this dialogue is some positive feedback for such vague rules defined for citizenship's which requires proper attention.

I urge all the parties and HM the King to issue a royal decree to finalize for the people who deserve their right in this country.

God Bless Bahrain
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Re: Nationality 3 years, 4 months ago #10

This is a real issue and I sincerely appreciate the author of This article. The author did a deep study about the route cause of this problem and his findings and recomendations are 100% correct. I believe, thousands of families are facing this issue and all their concerns ended up in pain. I request all the politcial leaders those who are participating the National Dialouge to study this topic and we hope that the elected leaders will comment about this serious issue in the coming days of dialouge meeting.

The coutnry should make use of permenant citizens those who are qualified and stayed here for more than 10 or 15 years. Granting citizenship based only on cast or creed is not a fair way and it will result in loss for the country in the coming future. Citizenship should be based on Qualification, His/her merits, contributions to the general welfare of the country, long term service, and of course finally a clearance certificare from police department proving that he / she never involved in any criminal activities and never did any harm for the social living.

I fully agree with this topic and a total change in the infrastructure of granting Nationality is required in this issue.

Wising all the best for a success full out come of National Dialouge and once again appreciating "Green Tulips" for bringing this problem in front of the public in a proper way.

All the best to all participants and May Allah bless the kingom and every one living here.

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Re: Nationality 3 years, 4 months ago #11

Dear All

Just like many others here, I am also in the same situation. My Father got Bahraini citizenship in the year 2005 (after living in Bahrain for 30 years). My three sisters also reicieved citizenship along with my father. But I was informed by the the immigration authorities that since I was over the age of 25 years I must apply for citizenship separately, which I did immediately. And since then I have been waiting.

Whenever I inquire about my application at the immigration, I am asked to wait until I receive a call from them. I am now 32 years old and still waiting. Every one in my family is a Bahraini except me. Although I have lived in Bahrain all my life and I am the eldest son and I have lived in Bahrain for a much longer period than my three younger sisters(who were granted citizenship) but I am still waiting for citizenship. Will I ever get citizenship? Do I have any right to Bahraini citizenship?

To my knowledge If a Bahraini man gets married to a woman of another nationality, the wife is granted Bahraini citizenship after 5 years of marriage. Which means the wife has some sort of rights to citizenship by law. It has been six years since my father got citizenship and I am still waiting for it. Are there no rights for the son?

I have lived in Bahrain for 30 years along with my family, I have no where to go back to. This is my mother land. I request the Bahraini Government to please grant citizenship to all who deserve it and look into similar issues regarding citizenship. I am sure that there many others in a similar situation.

I thank the Bahraini Government for giving us the opportunity to participate in this National Dialog and all that it has given us.

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Re: Nationality 3 years, 4 months ago #12

Like everyone over here my family's situation is also the same. My inlwas and younger brother in-law got the Bahraini nationality 7yrs ago. but my husband was denied even after passing the interview because at that time he was a major(+18). Me & my husband are still waiting to be given nationality. We were advised to apply under H.H. Sheikha Sabika's scheme where a mother could write and request for completion of her family to receive the Bahraini passport.

With all due respect I ask the concerned authorities to speed up this purpose as alot of people are waiting for their families to receive the passport. We contacted the Nationalities & Passport office and were given a waiting number. it has been quite sometime now and we have not been called for. Pls improve these laws and speed the process.
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Re: Nationality 3 years, 4 months ago #13

Respected Sir HE Mr. Khalifa Bin Ahmed Al Dhahrani,

I am born & brought-up and educated in Bahrain I was born on 14th Aug 1977, since that time I have been living in Bahrain with my parents I have one elder sister and two elder brother's, Sir the reason I am posting my request is because I require your help in one of the very important matter that is Bahraini Citizenship.

Sir, my father was living in Bahrain since past 37years he died in 2005 and was buried in the grave yard backside of Kuwaiti Bldg.

Sir, my father applied for Bahraini Citizenship in the year 2000 and still there is no progress on my case after my father death me & my family are going through so many problems I hope being an respectable elderly icon you can understand. Sir, we have been living in the Kingdom of Bahrain since our birth time therefore this is our homeland and we belong to Bahraini Nation as we love Bahrain and all the ruling family members.

Sir, whenever I go to Immigration Dept to check the status of my file they say it is in Royal Court and when I check the status in Royal Court they just say Inshallah, Sir I am hearing these words since past 7Years which is very long waiting time period as I have already given 5 interviews to immigration Dept in the year 2002 but still there is no progress on my case. As so many people already got the citizenship those who applied after us but we are still the left out one's sir please help me.

Sir, Please HELP me in this matter as I am very much dishearten now, I request you humbly to look into my matter please. If you can grant me an appointment to meet you me & my family members will be very thankful to you.
Waiting for your prompt favorable action.

We pray to Allah that Long Lives our Beautiful Bahrain and May Allah always gives good health and prosperous life to our His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and all the ruling family members.
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Re: Nationality 3 years, 4 months ago #14

Assalam wa alaikum,

This topic has become a nightmare for expats living here specially the ones who spent their lives in Bahrain. My father came to Bahrain a little less than 40 years ago and worked hard for the well being of his family. He did not invest in anything back from where he came. Since then my family has been in Bahrain only. We are three brothers and all of us did our schooling in Bahrain. My dad passed away almost 15 years ago. Everybody advised my mom to leave Bahrain and go back but she decided otherwise knowing the problems she would face to raise her kids without her husband. She overcome all the problems and brought us to this level where are earning and contributing to the economy of Bahrain. Following our father, we did not invest anything back to where we come from. My father is buried in Bahrain and we have no place to go if not Bahrain. We applied for Citizenship in March 2003 and since then have just been running to multiple places asking for the status and process but are always asked to wait. The naturalization process needs to streamlined. If somebody has to stay here 25 years before getting it, so be it. Anybody born in Bahrain should have it since beginning like other countries. I, myself have spent 30 years of life here in Bahrain and that too being born here only and similar with all my brothers.

i sincerely request to His Highness and the concerned authorities to look into the process of Naturalization and to grant loyal people to stay in Bahrain for as as they want. Looking forward to some consideration to "the Nationality"

a Loyal Bahraini (is what i call myself)
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Re: Nationality 3 years, 4 months ago #15





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Re: Nationality 3 years, 2 months ago #16

agree with Kash_1

Allah bless Kingdom of Bahrain
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